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Liberty Electronics, Inc. Q3-2018 Newsletter

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Fall is upon us, believe it or not. Besides the changing leaves and cooler weather, it also means another quarter has transpired here at Liberty Electronics. In our Q3 Newsletter, we've included updates concerning the company and some of our projects as well as a few short educational articles. We also want to highlight some very dedicated Liberty employees. I hope this will be of use to you. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. Feel free to share this news with your network as you see fit either by forwarding on this email or using this link Thank you! - Scott Anderson  


Liberty Electronics is grateful for the successes we achieved over the past quarter. We are even more grateful for the team of people at Liberty who day in and day out ensure that we consistantly deliver on our promise to customers. This gratitude also extends to their families who celebrated recently during our annual Kids Day. Such excellence from our team translates into excellence in our work on projects like the F-35 Strike Fighter and it similarly manifiests itself in the expertise we can offer using products like portable 3D Scanners. We believe in our people, and, as the list or retirees we thank later in this newsletter shows, our people believe in what they are doing. Thank you. - John L. Dumot   


Kids Day at Liberty Electronics

Kids day liberty Electronics-603172-editedThis past month, Liberty Electronics held their annual Kids Day. Despite the rainy weather, this did not dampen the fun and excitement as over 70 guests were there to enjoy the event. This year we used a western theme, and each child was also given a cowboy/girl hat, handkerchief, sheriff badge name tag and a goodie bag. (A few adults may or may not have tried to get hats and badges for themselves!) Being indoors did nothing to limit anyone's enjoyment of the numerous planned activities, crafts, and games. Thank you to the Reno Fire Department and Community Ambulance for giving the kids tours of their vehicles and equipment. Thanks too, to tattoo artist, Chris Morrison and wife Jen, (both employees but also owners of Rotten Ink and Tanks T’s) who made the shirts and did the face painting. One activity included rock painting, which the kids hid, and hopefully people will find them and post pics to our Facebook page. All in all it was another fun event with lots of smiles and laughter.   


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

f-35 Joint Strike Fighter Liberty ElectronicsLiberty Electronics is honored to produce numerous assemblies that are used in the direct production of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as well as other critical components that are used in ancillary flight hardware on the system. Liberty has served this program since the early days of its inception and qualification, and now continues to support the effort through full rate production. Liberty’s dedication and commitment to providing highly reliable products to the complete satisfaction of our customers, helps to ensure that our war fighters are confident that they have the tools they need to defend freedom and God-willing, return safely to their families.


Portable 3D Scanning

3d Scanning Liberty ElectronicsLiberty Electronics has two handheld portable 3D scanners. The Artec Eva uses structured light scanning technology and is ideal for making a quick, textured and accurate 3D model of medium sized objects such as a wiring harness. It scans quickly, capturing precise measurements in high resolution, which allows for almost unlimited applications. The Artec Space Spider is a high resolution 3D scanner that uses blue light technology and is great for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution, with accuracy. Both scanners have many applications in areas such as reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing.


Machine Braided Wire Configuration Liberty Electronics.jpg

Wire Braiding: Machine vs. Premade Options

Braided coverings and shieldings are an excellent way to make wiring configurations neat and uniform. Braiding gives wires more flexibility and a longer lifespan and can also offer a layer of electric protection or abrasion resistance. There are two different types of wire braiding widely used in the industry, machine braiding and premade braiding. Of these, machine braiding offers more versatility, cost savings, and consistency. This option should be something a contract manufacturing partner should be able to do in-house

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3D Printing Fortus 380MC Liberty Electronics-141918-edited-233015-edited.jpg

The Evolution of Liberty's 3D Printing Capabilities

Since 2013, Liberty has added several  3D printers to its roster and is looking at the possibility of adding metal-capable machines in the future. Additive manufacturing has proven to be incredibly successful thus far as the company has been able to design and produce tools, fixtures, jigs, assembly aids, and specialty packaging, as well as create accommodations for employees with disabilities. These applications have improved efficiency and increased productivity with reduced quality issues and process variation.

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Wired Success Liberty Electronics Blog-316599-edited.jpg

Employee Spotlight: This Year's Retirees

With each passing year, Liberty Electronics has to say goodbye and thank you to a group of dedicated employees who have faithfully done their work and have earned the right to retire. This year we've had seven we would like to recognize now. 

Sue Angelucci – Retired April 2018 Sue worked at Liberty for over 10 years in the purchasing deptment at the MIL facility.

Kris Flinchbaugh – Retired June 2018 Kris worked for Liberty for 10 ½  years in our Reno facility on the engine line.

John Siroachman – Retired July 2018 John worked for Liberty for 4 ½ years also at our Reno facility working on both prep and routing.

Judy Rice- Retired July 2018 Judy worked for Liberty for 24 ½ years at our MIL facility on many different military lines.

Diana Hargenrader – Retired August 2018  Diana worked at Liberty's Reno facility on multiple prep lines for 10 ½ years.

Karen Conant – Retired October 2018 Karen worked for Liberty for over 20 years in our MIL facility on soldering for many different military lines.

Edward Frantz, due to Retire in December 2018 Sadly, Ed passed away unexpectedly in September of 2018, but we wanted to honor his labors. Ed worked for Liberty for 3 years in our Reno facility on the engine line.

We are grateful for your many years of contributions, and wish everyone well. 

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