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Liberty Electronics, Inc. Q3-2019 Recap

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Fall is officially underway, and a change in the seasons is always the perfect time to reflect on recent accomplishments and future goals. We have been spending these several few weeks focusing on our strengths and sharing Liberty's innovative practices and strategies. In our Q3 Newsletter, we'd like to recognize the work our own George Allman has been doing as the face of Liberty at recent and upcoming industry events, as well as congratulate some of the area's youth. We also have a few new faces here at Liberty that we are excited to introduce you to.  unnamed-1

We recently hosted a Manufacturing Day open lobby event here at our newest location on October 4th, and it was a success! It was great to meet some new faces, along with catching up with some familiar ones. Guests stopped by to say hello and learn more about who Liberty Electronics is and what we do. We had live 3D printing and product samples, and talked with quite a few interested applicants. 

Lastly, I want to highlight some of our recent articles on Liberty's IT strategy, the benefits of collaborative design, and the dangers of counterfeit parts. I hope these will be useful reads for you, as we think they're important topics within our industry. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. Feel free to share this news as you see fit either by forwarding on this email or using this link

Thank you! - Scott Anderson, Director of Business Development 


Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo Capture-2

George Allman, Manufacturing Supervisor here at Liberty,  traveled to Austin, Texas August 27-29th where he attended the Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo. George spoke about Transforming Productivity and Ergonomics in the Aerospace Industry Using 3D Printing Accommodations during his session on the 28th. He focused on many of the benefits attributed to supporting production personnel through the use of Additive Manufacturing. Specifically, how an employer can benefit both directly, and indirectly, by implementing an initiative to provide assistive aids to employees with, or without, a disability or handicap. 

He presented data from the Department of Labor and Industry to support the initiative. Businesses are adopting additive manufacturing methodologies at an ever-increasing rate in order to remain competitive and at the forefront of their industry. However, by relying on advances in these technologies alone to improve efficiencies and increase productivity, a company’s most valuable production resource, the assembly operators and employees, can remain untapped. By applying a more sympathetic and comprehensive application of these technologies directly to the shop floor personnel, Empathy in Engineering increases benefits far beyond what the bottom line would measure.  As a secondary topic within his presentation, he offered examples of how business may leverage the use of advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, to support STEM projects within local schools.  

Coming up: George will be speaking at the Digital Bridge Industry 4.0 Conference in Pittsburgh on October 31st at 2:00 PM about Additive Manufacturing. Stay up to date with upcoming events on Liberty Electronic's social media accounts.


Capture-3The 2019 Railway Interchange

The 2019 Railway Interchange in Minneapolis was a great opportunity for our sales staff to network with other leaders in the industry. With around a thousand companies present there were various specialties and sizes. Railway Interchange is the largest railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. Its attended by nearly 9,000 industry professionals from around the globe. They also include a large outdoor rail-yard exhibit where you can take a closer look at physical product on the tracks. The conference featured technical sessions by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association Annual Conference and the RSI Education & Technical Training Conference. Our hope is to maintain the connections we made last week to build long-term customer relationships.




Cranberry Seniors Honored at Awards Event 

Liberty Electronics invests in the community, and in particular, rewarding the commitment made by local students in the pursuit of their education. Cranberry High School recently held its senior awards ceremony for the Class of 2019 and Liberty was honored to sponsor an award. We at Liberty, would like to say congratulations and good luck for the future! 



New People

Liberty Electronics has recently added some new and talented people to our team. 

Erin ShortfallErin Shortall - Erin joined Liberty Electronics as a Program Manager in June of 2019. She recently graduated from Grove City College with a B.A. in English, as well as minors in Writing and Communication Studies and a concentration in Technical Writing. She previously lived in Phoenix, AZ for a summer, where she spent time copywriting and copyediting for a news publishing company. Erin highly values her studies in UX, informational, presentation, and technical design. While in college, she held several positions in the Tri-Zeta Sorority, including Alumni Communications Coordinator, and she also led a service team to Philadelphia for two years. She looks forward to utilizing her different experiences to aid in Liberty’s continued growth. You can connect with Erin on LinkedIn.

LandonLandon Schamberg, a 2019, Grove City College graduate with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, has also joined Liberty Electronics this summer. Landonowned and operated a landscaping company for 8 years. After that time, he went into product innovation and planning in the aftermarket auto industry. He is now a part of the Liberty sales team where he will bring his experiences and ideas collected from these industries in order to strengthen partner relations and help in Liberty's ongoing growth. Connect with Landon on LinkedIn.


Mark Cessar

Mark Cessar joined Liberty Electronics as a Sales Engineer in June of 2019. He previously worked as a Lead Generator for the Gunton Corporation selling Pella Products in Warrendale, PA. Mark also has experience working in the admissions office at Grove City College where he was responsible for setting up and coordinating large events for potential new school students. He graduated from Grove City College in 2019 with a B.S. in Marketing Management. You can connect with Mark on LinkedIn.


Time Clock 2

Custom IT Applications in the Manufacturing World

Information technology can promote the development and productivity of business. That is why IT is a core competency at Liberty Electronics and plays a key role in satisfying our customers.  Rather than using off-the-shelf software, which is often a “jack of all trades and master of none,” Liberty employs a different approach. In the past, using commercial software applications has forced Liberty to make sacrifices and compromises due to the different limitations of these products, which ultimately... Finish Reading here.



The Benefits of Collaborative Design

OEMs and suppliers both bring experience, expertise and specialized knowledge to the table during the manufacturing process. Suppliers often don’t enter the picture until a design is created, and sometimes not until prototypes have been manufactured. However, there’s an argument to be made that a partnership between an OEM and a trusted supplier should be formed during the design phase. Collaborative design can benefit both OEMs and suppliers for a number of reasons.

Continue Reading


The Price and Prevention of Counterfeit Parts in Manufacturing

Although the aerospace industry is leading the effort to combat counterfeiting through methods like serialization tracing and supply chain control, the use and sale of counterfeit parts is still an issue in manufacturing. Counterfeiters are changing with the times too, applying more sophisticated approaches and techniques to skirt testing, laws, and standards. Blanks, clones, and undisclosed remanufacturing are just some of the growing trends infiltrating the world of counterfeit.

 Continue Reading



Employee Spotlight: Tom (Zeke) Dechant


Zeke’s vocational-technical education along with his data processing and control experience prepared him for the computer programming role he has had at Liberty since joining the company in 2008. A penchant for building and a passion for antique car restoration contribute to Zeke’s knack for being able to create software that creates efficiency and meets a myriad of needs within the company. Zeke collaborates with his coworkers to understand their processes and develop computer-based solutions for their problems. Besides loving the work itself, his favorite thing about being part of Liberty Electronics is the level of trust given to its employees when it comes to individual tasks and how they should be approached.
An Oil City native, Zeke currently lives just a short drive from work with his wife Susan of 38 years. Two of his four children also work at Liberty, while his oldest daughter lives in British Columbia and his youngest son lives in Baltimore.

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